EMC VNXe 3100

The most flexible unified hybrid flash storage on the market, now from Corporate Armor

The configurable EMC VNXe3100

offers plug-and-play capability for

IT generalists as well as advanced

file and block functionality and

an intuitive, application-focused

method of managing and

provisioning shared storage.

The VNXe3100 comes with 12 bays and 1.8 TB installed. With new architecture featuring integrated file (CIFS, NFS) and block (iSCSI) functionality and a SAS back-end infrastructure, the VNXe3100 packs powerful data efficiency services and automation into a compact footprint, starting at just 2U.


The EMC VNXe3150 Series makes unified storage easy to manage for the IT generalist, and easy to afford for smaller business and branch office budgets. You’ll consolidate file (CIFS, NFS) and block (iSCSI) storage efficiently - one data storage solution covers both NAS and SAN.


You don’t have to be a storage expert to provision and protect the right storage resources for applications. You’ll set up and optimize unified storage in just a few clicks with centralized EMC Unisphere management and provisioning wizards.


Choose from single- and dual-processor VNXe3150 systems preconfigured with SAS, NL-SAS, or a mix of drives. VNXe data storage solutions also come with base software that includes file deduplication to reduce capacity needs, thin provisioning for on-demand storage, and the VNXe Local Protection Suite for fast data recovery.



• Intuitive: Provision hundreds of

   Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in

   just a few clicks. With integrated

   support, you’ll diagnose issues

   automatically and resolve them fast.


• Optimized: Benefit from VMware

   and Microsoft Hyper-V integration.

   Wizards make deployment easy -

   you’ll provision a 1 TB VMware

   datastore in fewer than 10 minutes.


• Unified: Deliver file and block data

   services with one platform. Unisphere

   Remote centrally monitors over

   1,000 VNXe systems deployed in

   remote and branch offices.


• Flexible: Expand by mixing and

   matching SAS, NL-SAS, and Flash

   drives in the same network storage


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VNXe Unified SAN, Hybrid

or All-Flash Storage

The EMC® VNXe® series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user, delivering an unequaled combination of features, simplicity, and efficiency. These unified storage systems provide true storage consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique application-driven approach that eliminates the boundaries between applications and their storage.

EMC VNXe—Storage. Click. Done

















application-driven management features of the VNXe3150, along with increased performance, scalability, and I/O expandability. Both systems share a comprehensive set of features including exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities.




Deploying a highly functional shared storage system should be an on-ramp to efficiency for your IT infrastructure, not a roadblock to greater productivity. Too often, however, the increased capabilities of advanced network storage come at the price of new interfaces to master, new terminology to decipher, and new processes to learn. VNXe systems take a fundamentally different approach, aligning storage management with applications, avoiding arcane storage terms for plain language, and embedding storage and application best practices into the user interface for a faster, simpler user experience in completing everyday administrative tasks.

EMC, Corporate Armor, and You. Together We are Unbeatable.

It begins with the hardware—high availability, scalability, and adaptability to future needs, to name a few. The VNXe hardware platforms take advantage of the latest processor technology from Intel, and include features that help you meet future needs for growth and change head on.


Flex I/O expansion—VNXe systems come with one-Gb/s Ethernet connections standard for NAS and iSCSI, plus Flex I/O slots that provide additional one-Gb/s ports to expand connectivity and performance. The VNXe also supports the option of 10-Gb/s connectivity.


Six-Gb/s serial-attached SCSI (SAS) drives and enclosures—The latest SAS interface delivers the industry’s highest transfer rates along with simple capacity expansion, enterprise performance, and end-to-end data integrity features. VNXe systems also support Flash drives for performance-intensive applications including virtual desktop. And, for data at rest security use cases, self-encrypting drive array options are now available.


Start small—VNXe systems give you the flexibility to buy only what you need today—whether that means capacity, performance, or features. When growth comes, you’ll be ready. The VNXe3150 can also start as a single controller system and be upgraded to a dual controller system as demands dictate.


Availability and data protection—The VNXe’s high-availability design, including mirrored cache and dual active controllers, is architected to eliminate single points-of-failure. If an outage occurs, data in the VNXe write cache is safely stored in Flash memory, eliminating time-limited battery backup and external power supplies.


With scalability from six to up to 150 disk

drives and 360 terabytes of capacity,

the VNXe series is ready to meet the

needs of growing organizations with

increasingly complex storage

requirements. The VNXe3150™ is an

ideal platform for businesses with

physical server infrastructures, as well

as those making the move to server

virtualization to drive consolidation

and greater efficiency. The VNXe3300™

includes all of the ease of use and


Whether the task is consolidating storage to manage resources and protect data, or improving IT resource utilization with server virtualization, the VNXe series provides the ready answer. VNXe systems are uniquely capable of delivering unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI while simplifying operations and reducing management overhead. Application-centric management and provisioning wizards result in immediate familiarity for users, while integration of snapshot and replication with storage management workflows results in streamlined operations and uniform data protection coverage.


Compact storage platforms—The VNXe’s unified IP architecture results in lots of capability in a small package. High-availability, dual controller designs fit in only 2U or 3U of rack space.


Simple capacity management and growth—By organizing raw capacity into pools of high-performance and high-capacity SAS drives, VNXe systems take the complexity out of storage management. Easily provision new applications from available pools and expand pools with convenient disk packs.


Advanced storage efficiency—Less can be more when you create new storage with VNXe’s thin provisioning capability (simply enable as you create new volumes or storage for new applications such as email). Add efficiency with file-level deduplication and compression to reduce physical capacity needs by 50+ percent.


VNXe systems were designed with a management philosophy in mind: keep it simple. It’s storage from the application’s point of view with one clear way to handle any task—from initial installation to creating storage for virtual servers. You can shift from managing file shares to creating application storage without missing a beat. The bottom line: you can save time and steps. Provisioning storage for 500 mailboxes or 100 gigabytes of virtual server storage can be done in less than 10 minutes. Application-driven provisioning and management enables you to easily consolidate your storage. VNXe systems understand how many mailboxes you are creating, for example, and manage storage for server virtualization and file share so you can focus on your business-critical applications. Complemented by Unisphere management and Unisphere Remote, the VNXe Series is also ideal for remote office-branch office (ROBO) and imbedded/OEM/federal use cases.

EMC VNXe Series

Essential Features

VNXe Software

VNXe Series


• Power-on to provision-ready in less

   than 30 minutes


• Application-driven storage that works

   the way you do


• Powerful provisioning wizards for

   the application storage you need  in



• Unified management that provides

   seamless access to all of your storage


• Advanced built-in data management

   features including thin provisioning,

   file deduplication, and local/remote



• Seamless integration with VMware

   and Hyper-V virtualization


• Latest six-Gb/s SAS technology for

   expandability and for expandability

   and performance


• New models supporting data at rest

   encryption (DARE)

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IT environments everywhere are constantly under pressure to improve productivity while meeting service levels and keeping costs down. Whether managing one or multiple sites, simple and efficient delivery of storage services or the IT ecosystem ensures the business is optimizing virtualized applications, improving utilization and ensuring valuable data is protected and secure. VNXe supports tight integration with VMware to further facilitate efficient management of virtualized environments.


Every VNXe unified storage platform comes with base software solutions, including EMC Unisphere™ for application-aware management, file deduplication with compression for increased efficiency, thin provisioning for adding storage on-demand, as well as CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI. The VNXe3150 also includes snapshots for local data protection.


To address needs ranging from disaster recovery to application backup and restore, EMC has packaged unique and powerful add-on storage software into easy-to-use suites to ensure maximum protection and security for your VNXe unified storage platforms. With this approach, VNXe software suites simplify enablement of storage services, while dynamically moving, securing, and protecting production data for unified block and file storage—all managed through, and integrated with, EMC Unisphere. For even greater simplicity, purchase the VNXe3150 Total Value Pack or the VNXe3300 Total Protection Pack.


A click on the VNXe support tab puts a world of resources at your fingertips. Comprehensive online documentation, help, training, and even how-to videos are there to expand your knowledge and answer questions. Click the Downloads icon to check for the latest version of system software, or search EMC’s online knowledge base for information and insight on a range of product and storage topics, all from the VNXe management console.


The VNXe3150 includes a standard three-year Basic warranty, with next business day parts replacement and 5x9 remote support. The VNXe3300 includes a three-year Enhanced warranty providing next business day onsite support and 24x7 remote support. Premium warranty upgrade options with four-hour onsite response as well as post-warranty maintenance support are also available.

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